Make a difference.

Get involved.


Grow your career. Improve lives.

We’re on the lookout for motivated, passionate and curious people who want to make their mark in the Life Sciences sector. We build real relationships with our clients and candidates across Europe and encourage our people to forge their own connections every step of the way.

We appreciate that we’re looking for outstanding people to join our team, so our rewards, benefits and career development opportunities always reflect this. In short, we never underestimate or undervalue what our people bring to the table.”

- Jay Freeman,Co-Founder | Managing Partner

  • 2012

    It all began

    Daisy Tazelaar and Jay Freeman founded specialist recruitment consultancy for the Life Sciences industry, Panda International!

  • 2013

    On the move

    Strong growth and rapid expansion in our first year led to Panda International’s first office move.

  • 2016

    Launch of specialist delivery team

    This new area of the business enabled us to service MSPs and other key clients.

  • 2017

    Award winners

    ​Staffing Awards declared Panda International a winner 2017 thanks to ‘roaring references’ that described us as dedicated, proactive and communicative.

  • 2017

    We’re moving (again!)

    Continuous growth and new opportunities meant the Panda International team once again needed a new place to call home.

  • 2018

    Permanent division

    ​Launching a permanent division was a natural evolution for Panda International, enabling our clients to find and retain top talent.

  • 2019

    NEN 4400 certified

    Panda International was proud to become NEN 4400 certified, meaning we operate in a compliant and correct manner and are a trustworthy company to partner with.

  • 2019-2020


    ​As part of Panda International’s growth, we now distribute equity to our high-performing and loyal employees.

  • 2020

    Panda Flex

    ​In 2020, we launched our dedicated payroll organisation, Panda Flex, to help our clients to find short term solutions to their recruitment requirements. Panda Flex provides a l...


Life Sciences: A sector where

you can really make an impact.


Join a rapidly growing market

The global Life Sciences sector is undergoing a period of rapid growth thanks to unprecedented investment, digital technologies and revolutionary new treatments.


Make a positive impact

You’ll match talented professionals with organisations responsible for developing the new treatments, innovative techniques and advanced technologies that influence the way we live.


Enjoy a varied career

The Life Sciences sector is extensive and fast-moving, meaning no two days are the same. Trust us, this sector is the place to be if you’re looking for an exciting and fulfilling career!

Partnered with game-changing organisations

“Since we established Panda International in 2012, we’ve formed meaningful relationships with global leaders and innovative startups in Life Sciences who trust us to find the very best talent both on and in the market.”

- Daisy Tazelaar, Co-Founder | Managing Partner


What our people say about us.

  • ​In my first interview, I immediately clicked with the owners. I wanted to learn as much as possible in a short period of time and was convinced that I could find that here. Looking back on 8 months I’ve been able to grab opportunities, make deals, a promotion, and moved into sales.

    Merel an Os
    Merel an Os
  • ​At Panda you work with people who challenge themselves every day. The managers care about your personal growth and guide you towards success. I have gained valuable skills while working at Panda under great guidance. The incentives, such as lunch-club and working remotely from Bali, are legendary!

    Yordi Doensen
    Yordi Doensen
  • ​The last two years I have developed myself quickly, I have been promoted twice and could not imagine being this good in something! I worked hard for it, but also due to the help of my colleagues and managers I am a top-ranking consultant here.

    Gemma Dozy
    Gemma Dozy
  • ​This is my first professional working experience after my HBO. I was approached by Panda while I was travelling and didn’t really know what I wanted to do. What I did know is that I’m a commercial, entrepreneurial, opportunistic guy and the opportunity at Panda was exactly in line with this!

    Christian Steenkamp
    Christian Steenkamp
  • ​I really like the fact that we challenge each other every day become a better version of our personal and professional selves and off course the colleagues! We can work hard and at the same time enjoy successes together and build friendships!

    Ivor Duif
    Ivor Duif

The space to thrive.

At Panda International, we don’t standstill. We’ve got grand plans for our business and want you to join us on the journey. We’re expanding our sector specialisms all of the time, which means the opportunities to grow with us are endless.

“Every member of the Panda International team supports and trusts one another, which means we’re able to take risks and challenge each other to grow and achieve both our personal goals and those of the wider business.”

- Christian Steenkamp, Senior Consultant

Uncapped potential

You have the freedom to grow your own client base and explore new specialisms in the Life Sciences Sector. It means you will not only help us grow but also determine the direction in which we do.


We promote an empowering culture where all opinions are heard, and everyone is treated with the utmost respect. You’re part of our team, and therefore you get a say in where we go as a business.

Business growth

​Our success is shared with our people. From regular rewards through to share options for our highest achievers, we always find new and exciting ways to say thank you.

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A winning culture.

High-performing and professional + Vibrant and fun = Our DNA.

Our culture is continually evolving in line with the needs of our company, the Life Sciences sector and the needs of our people. 

It’s our people that make our business great. That’s why we’re committed to making Panda International a place where people from all backgrounds can succeed and thrive. 

For us, it’s vital to create an excellent working culture to ensure our employees feel valued, happy and safe so we can all deliver the best level of service to our clients, candidates and each other.

What’s in it for you?

Commission structure

You shouldn't lose out when a business gains from your hard work. That’s why we offer an industry-leading commission structure which enables our people to achieve their personal goals, faster.

Gym & Headspace subscription

Your mental and physical well being is our priority, so we provide free gym memberships and subscriptions to mindfulness app Headspace for every employee.

Quarterly lunch club & Monthly Breakfast Club

At Panda International, we celebrate the hard work, results, positive contributions and influences of our team through quarterly lunches at amazing locations. 

Equity options

Our success should be your success too. As a thank you, we offer share options to our highest achievers.

Flexibility Is the Future of the Workplace

We have introduced flexible working as an option to all of our employees. Balancing the vibrant energy of the office with options to work from home and varying office-based hours, all Panda employees decide how they want to structure their weeks. With the opportunity to choose if they'd like to leave early or arrive later, our teams also have guaranteed face-to-face contact with their colleagues, to keep our relationships thriving and to grow our culture of empowerment and accountability.

Car Target

Our car allowance incentive gives you the financial freedom and autonomy to buy or lease the exact vehicle you want.


A day in the life of

  • ​8:15
    Walk in (optional)

    You have a easy walk in, grab a delicious coffee and prepare for your day.

  • 8.30 AM
    Start the day

    We kick off with our daily setup where everyone shares their plan for the day, what they want to achieve and their goals for the week. We try and keep our setup short and sweet. Consultants share the job roles they’re working on and the candidates They’ve found. Oh, and there’s coffee & tea, of course!

  • 8.45am
    Get on-top of daily tasks

    Time to get on top of our emails and admin so we can start the day the right way.

  • 9 AM
    Business development & Sourcing

    The Sales team will begin their business development. This involves contacting the fantastic clients we work with, booking meetings, discussing opportunities and strengthening relationships. The Delivery team will begin by sourcing and calling candidates. After which, they receive jobs from clients, so it’s time to adjust the vacancy to make sure it gets noticed before adding it to the Panda International website. 

  • 11:30 AM
    Interview & vacancy progress

    The delivery team continue searching for candidates that match the profile, they draft a short email about the job description and send it out. After which, they will post the new jobs on social media, using Pandas branded job templates. Simultaneously, a sales team consultant gets very exciting news! One of their candidates has been invited back for a final interview at 4 pm today. The consultant informs the candidate and starts helping him prepare for the important meeting.

  • 12.30pm - 1.30pm
    Lunch time!

    The delivery and sales team go out for a bite to eat and to discuss their eventful morning. They immediately enter the buzzing Leidseplein district that has an amazing variety of dining options, they're really spoiled for choice.

  • 1.30pm - 4.30pm
    Sourcing & Calling candidates

    After a delicious lunch, both teams get back to work and follow up on any developments. The delivery team's attention turns to researching LinkedIn and Bullhorn to find suitable candidates for the new vacancy. New team members will typically have training and learning sessions at this time. While some consultants continue their search, others move onto to work new vacancies, conduct reference calls and follow up with candidates. The sales consultants will continue their search for candidates, making calls and connecting with potential professionals to learn more about them.

  • 5pm - 5.15pm
    Deal celebration & Wrap-up of the day

    BOOOM! The sales consultants candidate gets the job offer and accepts it. Everyone congratulates the consultant for their great work. They follow Pandas new deal ritual by playing their favourite song on the surround sound speakers and ringing in the deal with a Bang on the celebratory Gong. After the office settles down, it's time for our daily Wrap Up where we discuss what happened during the day, what worked, what didn’t and to share any valuable insights.

  • 5.15pm - Onwards
    Finishing up work

    Both teams finish up what they're working on and make a plan for tomorrow. Some consultants will continue following up with candidates and clients.


Progress with Panda

Take your career to new heights at Panda International! Explore each stage of our bespoke and clearly-defined career path.

  • Trainee Recruitment Consultant

    Those new to recruitment will enter our hands-on training and development programme. You will work with experienced members of the team who will get you up to speed in helping our job seekers make fulfilling career moves and sourcing the best talent for our clients.

  • Recruitment Consultant

    As well as achieving your set target deals within a six-month period, you will have built solid relationships with clients and candidates that deliver real results.

  • Senior Consultant

    Making the step to Senior Consultant will see you either achieve a set target deal amount or a given revenue target within a 12-month period. As part of your contract, you will meet a minimum WGP target.

  • Manager

    In addition to presenting a business case, you will have experience managing six to seven employees and completed relevant management training and competencies in line with the job description. You will also have achieved a set target of quality deals within a 12-month period.

  • Team Leader

    You will have helped a trainee transition to consultant level, as well as lead a team of three consultants. You will have also achieved either a specified number of quality deals or a given revenue target within a 12-month period. Additionally, we are looking for you to pass the Team Leader competencies in your job description.

  • Principal consultant

    Not looking to become a manager? The role of Principal Consultant could be for you. You will reach this level by achieving either a specified number of deals or a given revenue target within a six-month period. As part of your contract, you will meet a minimum WGP target.

  • Senior Manager

    You will have experience managing eight or more employees and hit the core role competencies as agreed in your personal development plan. You will have achieved your target quality deals within a 12-month period and be ready to present us with a business case.

  • Business Leader

    As well as achieving and demonstrating business profitability and core competencies as agreed with your director in your development plan, you will have developed at least one member of staff to Team Leader level and managed 10 or more employees.


Learning &

At Panda International, we take personal and professional development very seriously, which is why we offer round-the-clock access to our online training platform. Our platform was designed by industry specialists and provides access to the valuable knowledge and tips you need to become not just a top biller, but an informed and renowned Life Sciences talent specialist. 


Tailor-made learning & development

From day one, we work closely with you to determine a learning & development plan in line with your learning style and career aspirations.


External Training

To help boost your professional development, we fund industry-leading external training courses.


Online Sessions

We offer flexible online training sessions you can complete at your own pace, ranging from inductions and Trainee Recruitment Level 1, right up to Recruitment Consultant Leader.


Offline classroom sessions

Our classroom sessions are interactive and activity-based, focusing on team-work and simulating real-world scenarios.


On the Job Coaching

Our side-by-side coaching and mentoring ensure you achieve your learning objectives in line with your individual development plan.


Learn from industry experts

We attend training sessions from industry experts to ensure we’re adopting the most innovative techniques and processes that deliver better results for our people and the wider business.