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The life sciences - the study of living things - opens up a wide range of job opportunities both for research and practical applications of this widespread branch of science. The major fields of the live sciences include genetics, botany, zoology, microbiology, and ecology but also include relatively new areas such as biotechnology, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. Life science jobs include biologist, biochemist, pharmacist, and ecologist, among many others, in a wide variety of specialisms and sectors.

A successful career in the life sciences starts with a degree in a related subject, such as biology, chemistry, or physics, but graduates can also progress into life science jobs with qualifications in computing or maths, for example. The one attribute most employers are looking for, however, is curiosity - about the world and how you can contribute towards making it a better place.

The life science market is huge - in the UK alone, the market is worth around £95 billion every year - and demand for graduates for science jobs is high. As technology pushes the boundaries of medical science, the life science sphere increases exponentially. In Europe, investment in the life sciences is particularly encouraged, so jobs in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, for example, are increasing year on year. Opportunities for biotechnology jobs are rising as both private and public investment grows, and many life scientists are being attracted to jobs in the Netherlands. In particular, for those searching for freelance jobs, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg can offer meaningful career opportunities, the potential for advancement, as well as a high standard of living.

Our Services: Delivering Excellence in Recruitment

We're specialists in recruitment services to the life science industries, connecting experienced talent and ambitious scientists to essential jobs in Europe.

Because of our expertise in the industry and the time to listen carefully, we're able to understand exactly what employers want and need, source talent that fulfills those precise requirements, and provide a first-class customer experience throughout the process for both talent and clients alike.

We specialise in sourcing Biotechnology, Medical Device, and Pharmaceutical professionals who are looking for new challenges and wish to develop their careers within innovative and world-changing organisations based in Europe. We offer a variety of roles in exciting sectors, either as full-time or freelance jobs in the Netherlands and throughout mainland Europe.

Our ability to source the highest quality candidates combined with our thorough screening process means that we're able to connect specialists in their field with high-quality life science organisations that combine innovation, resources, and investment to improve the quality of all our lives.

Industries We Serve: Specialised Recruitment Solutions

We specialise in sourcing talent for the life sciences industries. More specifically we connect life science professionals in the Biotechnology, Medical Devices, and Pharmaceutical sectors with life science jobs around Europe.

Biotechnology - one of the oldest examples of human use of science, biotechnology helps to develop new ways of improving human and environmental health and has applications in areas such as medicine, the environment, agriculture, and industry.

Medical devices - from a simple sticking plaster to the most complex of brain implants, medical devices help us diagnose, screen, prevent, monitor, assist, and treat illnesses of all kinds. With over 2 million kinds of medical devices currently in use in the world, split into over 7,000 types, the possibility for innovation is limitless.

Pharmaceutical - the pharmaceutical industry helps discover, develop, and manufacture drugs and medications that treat and control conditions and diseases, and career choices can involve research, development, and regulation.

The life science industry faces many challenges today, not least among them is the competition for top talent. Without the skills and dedication of experienced staff, the industry will struggle to meet the demands of a constantly-changing environment. That's why when we partner with organisations looking for specialists in biotechnology jobs, for example, our clients can be sure that we take a proactive approach to solving their recruitment problems.