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Medical Devices

Medical device manufacturing is vital in maintaining health and prolonging life for billions of people around the world. From diagnosing autoimmune diseases to life-saving organ replacement surgery, medical device experts utilise the latest healthcare technology to fulfil this vital role.

Biomedical Engineering in the Medical Device Industry

The creation and ongoing development of medical devices can cover any apparatus, software, appliance, or other material, to be used by human beings for a medical purpose. These can include, but are not limited to:

The Evolution of Tech and Medical Devices

From the first X-ray machine in 1895, to 3D printing assisting with surgeries in the 21st century, the worlds of tech and medical devices have merged in a way that will continue to transform and save lives for years to come.

Panda is proud of the long-lasting relationships we have developed with candidates and clients in the medical device sector all over Europe. The design, creation and ongoing development of medical devices relies on the expertise of those working in the sector - many of which we have worked with.

Panda’s extensive network of medical device professionals across the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and beyond will be the answer to your hard-to-fill roles.

The Role of Biomedical Engineering in Advancing Medical Devices

X-ray equipment, ECG monitors, first aid bandages, dental materials, spectacles and heart valves.

Innovations in Medical Device Development

Software, defibrillators, cochlear implants, organ stimulators, catheters and drug administration devices.

IV diagnostic devices

Calibrators, blood and tissue donation equipment, reagents and control material.