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Introducing Panda Intelligence: Your Recruitment Partner in the Intricate World of Data and AI in Life Sciences

Unmatched Service with Panda as Your
MSP Supplier

As an MSP supplier in the European Life Sciences industry with operations and licences in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium & the Netherlands, Panda is instrumental in providing highly qualified talent to MSP partners. We excel in the contingent recruitment field, managing the end-to-end recruitment process of contingent workers.

Successful Fill Rates:

We have an impressive 26% fill rate throughout all our MSP accounts in 2022, indicating our effectiveness in meeting MSP needs.

Quality Candidates:

We ensure the delivery of high-quality candidates, allowing MSPs to fill roles with skilled professionals that meet the company's specific needs.

Efficient and Swift Recruitment:

We excel in providing 100% CV submission within 48 hours, ensuring a swift recruitment process

Expertise in Regulatory Compliance:

With a 100% compliance rate on all audits, we ensure all candidates we supply adhere to relevant local, regional, and global regulations.

Top-Tier Supplier:

We are top tier supplier for clients such as Lonza, Johnson & Johnson, Philips, Amgen and Prothya to name a few.

Partnership Growth:

We have experienced 100% Revenue growth in MSP accounts and a 50% growth in the number of MSP's we work with, demonstrating our strong capability in maintaining and expanding partnerships.

Industry Expertise:

We are deeply embedded in the Life Sciences industry with years of proven experience. We have the knowledge, understanding, and connections to handle any recruitment challenge that comes our way.

Dedicated MSP Delivery Team:

Our specialized team is fully commited to the MSP model, ensuring effective, efficient, and tailored service delivery.

Diverse Perspectives:

Panda's previous placements span more than 50 nationalities, offering a diverse pool of exceptional candidates who transcend borders. With talent that knows no boundaries, we find the perfect contributors for your MSP's growth and success.

Unwavering Dedication Towards Your Success

With a consistent track record of revenue growth in MSP accounts and our promise of seamless processes, Panda's success becomes a catalyst for your organisational growth.

Growth Catalyst:

Leverage our outstanding achievements in the MSP sector to fuel your company’s expansion. Our success translates directly into your progress.

Quick Turnaround:

Enjoy the advantages of our responsive recruitment process, as evidenced by our commitment to delivering CV submissions within a short 48-hour timeframe.

The Panda Difference: Human Touch in Recruitment

With our unwavering commitment to diversity, meaningful human connection is at the heart of what we do.

Our team of experts brings a personalized touch to the recruitment process, ensuring your needs
are fully understood and met with precision.

Panda goes beyond mere placements and ensures a seamless fit that drives your company's growth and success.

Our Pledge to Your Success

Choose Panda, your strategic partner in the Life Sciences industry, for access to top-tier talent and the comprehensive support of an experienced, dedicated, and diverse team.

We aren’t just a supplier, we’re a reliable partner, expertly navigating you through the complexities of talent acquisition. Benefit from our partnerships with leading industry programs.

If you have any questions about our guide or are looking to find out more about our talent services, connect with your local team today.

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