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Experts in Pharmaceuticals research and develop life-saving drugs, and help to minimise the impact of medicines on the environment.


Without pharmacology, the world’s population would rapidly decline. Pharmaceuticals covers a wide range of specialisms, including:

Research and development

R&D is arguably the most critical element of the pharmaceutical industry. Without the knowledge behind the pharmaceuticals, there would be no diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of disease.

Environment, health and safety

Minimising the impact of medicines on the environment while safeguarding access to effective treatments for patients is a vital issue within all healthcare sectors.


Biometrics are methods for uniquely recognising humans on intrinsic physical or behavioural traits, which is a vital element of the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmacovigilance, Engineering, Quality Assurance and more

The pharmaceutical industry is complex and multifaceted; many organisations within the industry require professionals with extremely niche, specific knowledge and experience.

What we do

Of all the clients and candidates we have worked with in the pharmaceutical industry, if we ask what their main motivation is, we often hear the same answer: improving people's lives.

With the benefits of new medicines being felt by people around the world, there are very few industries or career choices that give you a chance to directly help improve people’s overall quality of life.

Panda works with a huge variety of pharmaceutical companies and professionals in the Netherlands, Germany Switzerland and beyond. With our extensive network of candidates and clients, comes the development of long-lasting relationships and life changing experiences.