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Innovating, Growing, and Aligning in Life Sciences Recruitment | Daisy Tazelaar

Working in life sciences recruitment can be highly rewarding, competitive, and create long-lasting relationships with like-minded people -  but what is a career in life sciences recruitment at Panda actually like?

If you’re considering starting a career in life sciences recruitment or looking for a change of pace, Panda could be the best place for you to start.

We spoke with Co-Founder and COO of Panda, Daisy Tazelaar, about her experiences working in life sciences recruitment.

Here’s what Daisy had to say.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your career journey?

Born and raised in Belgium, Daisy had an academic background in social work, which was enjoyable but not necessarily something she saw as her ideal career.

Being interested in people meant that when Daisy graduated with her bachelor’s degree, she did a Master’s in Human Resource Management, which she loved.

In line with many graduates’ experiences, Daisy stumbled across recruitment and realised quickly how important cultural fit was to her in pursuing a job.

“I found it very important to find a company where the company itself was as important to me as the job – it’s not just about what you do, but does that organisation fit you as an individual?”

Daisy worked at her previous job for four and a half years, recognising how ideal recruitment was for her as a career due to the necessity to make great connections and build trust.

“The part I was missing was the partnership, the long-term strategies - and I believe that’s what makes the difference in recruitment. I already knew Jay and we had the same values – he’s probably one of the most passionate salespeople I have ever met – and we were aligned in terms of values and ethics.”

Primarily, Daisy wanted to be in a career that could make a positive impact on the world, and few industries have a more significant impact on people’s lives than life sciences.

With this in mind, Daisy and Jay decided to launch Panda after six months, entering the life sciences recruitment industry and focusing on innovating and growing.

Panda’s main focus, Daisy says, has always been on recognising not only what clients need in the next year, but what they’ll need in the next 10 years – it’s all about a long-term vision and impact.

How does Panda’s service delivery differ from other recruitment businesses?

What sets Panda apart, Daisy describes, is the people – they are able to deliver high levels of customer service to candidates and clients, because their people share their values. 

“It starts with attracting the right people, but then making sure they’re aligned with their purpose. Then we have to think, ‘how can we help them achieve their goals, their objectives, and so on?’”

Given that recruitment is such a people-driven business, having people that are passionate about what they do can really make a difference, whilst also aligning with Panda’s larger vision of being a trusted partner that elevates businesses with talent.

“It’s about which DNA fits your team and your organisation – where are you now? Where are you going to be in 10 years’ time, and how can we help with that growth?”

Primarily, Panda works to really take the worry about recruitment away, particularly at a time when the news is constantly bombarded with headlines around skills and talent shortages.

How does Panda stay current and adapt to changes in the industry?

Daisy is particularly inspired by Co-Founder Jay’s constant search for innovations and change, describing how this is a motivator for her to do the same.

“It’s made the people around him, from trainees all the way up, see the growth mindset and that search for getting better, and making sure we’re evolving with the world around us.”

After 10 years of running Panda and accumulating knowledge about the sector, it’s also important to care and love what you do because then you’re invested in it, says Daisy.

How do you see the company’s values and mission reflected in the way you do business at Panda?

One very unique area of Panda’s approach to company values and mission is that it’s people-driven, with Panda’s employees coming up with and contributing to the vision.

This is implemented from early on in the hiring process, in which values, standards about who Panda is, what Panda’s DNA is, and what it means for each individual are discussed.

“People are connected to your values because they share the values. For example, last year we had four values but changed them and made them into seven guiding principles by involving everyone in the organisation and asking them ‘what do you find important? What values do you live by? How do you see our organisation?’”

In short, Panda lives and breathes its values and mission, bottom-up and top-down.

How does Panda stand out from other recruiters?

Firstly, Panda’s average recruiter is outperforming the average recruiter in the market, which Daisy states is a clear indication that Panda delivers quality recruitment and attracts the right people.

Secondly, Panda is very open and honest in the interview process in terms of what is expected of them, including emphasising the time and attention spent on their development.

“When you’re at the right organisation, in the right job, you can accelerate. You want to be in an organisation that values you where you can make an impact and achieve your own goals.”

If you can do that together with people you have a lot of fun with then, Daisy asks, “Why not join Panda?”

What are the benefits of working with Panda?

Daisy believes that one of the most important elements of working at Panda is the training and development.

Each step of a Panda employee’s career is clearly mapped, from trainee all the way up to director, with mentoring each step of the way.

Additionally, Panda offers a 4-day working week for employees, in line with the growing necessity across industries for greater work-life balance.

On a personal level, though, Panda employees may resonate most with the ability to make an impact on their candidates and clients lives and truly make a difference in the industry, which is its own kind of success.

Success for anyone at Panda is celebrated because it drives each individual in the organisation, with competitiveness being seen as a positive rather than a negative.

“If you look at Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, they didn’t slow each other down. They became better because of each other.”

Making an impact in someone’s life, Daisy says, is always worth celebrating.

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