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Consultant Spotlight: Daria’s Journey from Graduate to Recruitment Success

Meet Daria, a dynamic recruitment consultant at Panda, whose journey from academia to a thriving career in recruitment highlights the power of aligning passion with profession. 

With degrees in political science and neurobiology, Daria's transition into recruitment, specialising in the life sciences sector, showcases how diverse academic backgrounds can lead to rewarding careers outside traditional paths.

A place of opportunity and inclusion

Daria's story begins with her search for a company that aligns with her academic interests and offers a dynamic and inclusive culture. Panda stood out with its commitment to nurturing young talent and fostering an environment free from racial prejudice, which was particularly important to her, being half Ukrainian and half Russian. She found Panda's international culture and welcoming atmosphere particularly appealing from day one. 

"Panda appealed to me because of its vibrant culture and opportunity for progression. And my professor spoke highly of the company from ex-scientific connections."

The role of education in recruitment

Having a background in neurobiology has been invaluable for Daria. It aids her in understanding the complex roles she recruits for, particularly those that include scientific jargon and are related to engineering. This technical understanding gives her an edge in finding the right candidates for specialised positions.

"Understanding the scientific nuances of the roles I recruit for has been integral to my success. So, my neurobiology degree has been very beneficial in that respect."

Support and growth at Panda

Panda's supportive environment is central to Daria's rapid career progression. Within eight months, she received her first promotion. The company's structured path for career advancement and mentoring from experienced leaders like Rick, Panda's Head of Learning and Development, has been crucial in her development.

"The growth I've experienced here has been phenomenal. The structured career path and mentorship have really propelled me forward. You're supported every step of the way."

Embracing challenges and opportunities

The recruitment consultant role is challenging, requiring a blend of ambition, resilience, and competitive spirit. Daria emphasises the importance of a resilient mindset for overcoming the recruitment industry's inevitable ups and downs. Her journey underscores the importance of internal competition and teamwork as catalysts for personal and professional growth.

"Recruitment is as much about resilience as it is about competition. We're encouraged to embrace challenges and learn from them whilst remaining positive. A positive attitude is a great life skill."

Flexibility and work-life balance

Panda's flexible work policies, such as the four-day workweek and remote working options, have significantly enhanced Daria's work-life balance. They allow her to manage a long-distance relationship and enjoy extended weekends travelling, which is a passion for many graduates. 

"The option of a four-day week and working remotely from different locations has significantly enhanced my quality of life. All we have to do is hit our targets. It shows that the company trusts us to manage our own productivity."

Life Beyond Recruitment

Daria's experience at Panda transcends recruitment; it's about acquiring life skills that are transferable across various careers and personal endeavours. Whether or not her future lies in recruitment, the skills she has developed at Panda are invaluable assets that will support her in any career path.

"The skills I've gained at Panda go beyond recruitment. They're life skills I can carry into my personal life and any future career I choose."

Does Daria's story inspire you?

Panda is an excellent environment for ambitious graduates seeking a rewarding career in recruitment. Our commitment to personal growth, supported by a culture of trust and flexibility, makes it an ideal place for everyone to thrive within the company and beyond. 

We offer a unique platform for career development, particularly for those with specialised academic backgrounds eager to apply their knowledge in a practical, impactful manner. 

If Daria's journey inspires you and you want to learn more, contact Panda.