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Case study

Thermo Fisher Scientific is a global biotechnology company that provides a wide range of innovative products and services to customers in the research, analytical, and clinical laboratory markets. They offer solutions for the life sciences, pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, industrial biotechnology, and diagnostics industries. As a rapidly growing company, Thermo Fisher is constantly hiring for a variety of positions

Number of months
Within 12 months


ThermoFisher is a fast-paced, rapidly growing company in the Biopharma sector. They are currently working on several high-priority projects, one of which being a COVID treatment, and so it was essential to have the right people in place to ensure timelines were met. As such, they had a high demand for additional staff to support their ongoing projects and the recruitment companies that they have worked with in the past were slow in delivering the right profiles for critical positions. Panda helped overcome these challenges, by recognizing ThermoFisher’s organisational needs and developing a relationship where we understood what each individual manager was looking for. Once that was achieved, the recruiter at Panda delivered profiles quickly and efficiently to get the right people in place to support their requirements.

Panda's Approach

Panda’s approach was focused on good collaboration based on clear communication and the managing of expectations. This allowed us to understand the entire organization's needs and deliver highly skilled professionals in a strategic manner that met ThermoFisher's requirements. The recruiter at Panda invested time meeting the managers at Thermofisher to understand their individual challenges and needs for hiring in their teams. This allowed the recruiter to find the right candidates that suited each role and the company - very quickly. In addition, the recruiter was transparent about their expectations from them, and that fast feedback and good communication were essential to getting the best people in their team ASAP. The combination of these factors and working exclusively on the vacancies enabled Panda to get consultants into their teams within a very short time frame. 


Panda first worked with ThermoFisher's hiring manager when they were urgently looking for a QA Validation Specialist and QC Scientist within the Quality Department. Within 48 hours, we provided several profiles and scheduled interviews with prospective candidates. Within the week, Panda had filled both vacancies and had feedback that it was the best recruitment service the hiring manager had ever received because of the pace of delivery and quality of candidates. 

The main results

Panda International has placed 29 QA/QC, CQV, CSV & Bioprocess specialists within 12 months to support Thermofisher's projects. The consultants at Panda delivered highly skilled professionals who have proven track records of over-achieving on targets; completing projects according to set timelines; and simultaneously improving processes that will save time,money and ensure superior products are brought to market.

Further cooperation

The collaboration with Thermofisher is the closest Panda has, since we now partner with sites across Europe. The reason it has been so prosperous is because we are continuously working with ThermoFisher on an exclusive basis. This is a major factor in the 100% success rate we have in placing highly-skilled consultants on roles worked in the past 1.5 years.

I have been a QA director at Thermofisher for 2 years and worked in similar positions for almost 15 years. 

My main reservation when working with agencies is having to establish that level of trust. In the past, I have had difficulties with the lack of honesty on the capabilities of candidates and unclear communication with recruiters, so that is always something that I want to avoid. Thermofisher also needs to work at a fast pace due to project demands and deadlines so our recruitment partner needs to be able to match this. 

My first experience with Panda was very good. It has been almost a year since we began the collaboration and the recruiter at Panda has placed highly skilled consultants in our growing team at an extremely fast pace; and 34 in total across different departments. The main benefit I have experienced while working with Panda is clear and transparent communication. When working with contractors you have an urgent need and I think that's where clear communication is crucial for things to go quickly. 

I have used a lot of agencies before, but the speed and quality Panda has delivered makes them stand out as one of the best recruitment agencies I have worked with. I would recommend working with Panda International and have already done so to my colleagues across Europe at Thermo Fisher."