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Case study

Prothya Biosolutions uses advanced methods to isolate proteins from blood plasma and turn them into life-saving medicines. Prothya produces plasma-derived medicinal products under its own brand for use in immunology and critical care, and we make our knowledge and infrastructure available to various partners.

Number of months


Sanquin Plasma Products was separating from Sanquin Blood bank. Sanquin Plasma Products was acquired by Prothya Biosolutions and merged with Plasma Industries at the same time. This resulted in entirely new positions and strategies being created. 

Panda's Approach

As there were many new positions at the same time, Prothya Biosolutions was looking for a supplier that can give them a broad range of profiles as the roles did not exist in the organization before. The candidate’s personality, company cultural fit and strategic approach to tasks were very important for these roles, as they were key positions in the company.


The recruiters at Panda made sure to think with Prothya Biosolutions and its hiring managers, by coming with solutions regarding salary, location, and level of experience. With every role, the recruiter at Panda international ensured a shortlist of a minimum of 5 strong candidates, that carried the basic requirements, but all had their own expertise and backgrounds. 

The main results

Panda International has placed 75 candidates in 12 months to support ongoing projects across several domains, including LIMS, QA, QC, Operators and project management. This equates to 64% placement on all of Prothya's their recent roles, both inside and outside Panda’s core areas

Further cooperation

Panda International sees Prothya Biosolutions as a valued partner and we continue to evolve our collaboration. The recruiters at Panda always look at presenting the best possible solutions for Prothya Biosolutions short and long term organisational objectives. 

I have been working as a Talent Acquisition Manager at Prothya Biosolutions since 2016. Panda has proved to be a reliable supplier with good knowledge of the labour market. Not only within the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry, but also in other fields. The recruitment consultants at Panda are easy to get in contact with, have a can-do mentality and keep the best interest of the client top of mind. The recruiters are willing to adapt according to the needs of the clients and most importantly they have good candidates every single time.

I generally carry doubts about new agencies to work with, are they able to present better candidates than we can find ourselves or other agencies can provide? 

Yes, Panda International can. I would definitely recommend them, that’s why they are one of our main suppliers.

Talent Acquisition Lead