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Montis Biosciences

Case study

Montis Biosciences, a dynamic biotech company near Leuven, Belgium, is dedicated to developing cutting-edge, innovative therapies for serious diseases, that positively impact patients worldwide.



Montis was looking for an Immuno-Oncology Scientist and an Antibody Protein Scientist. The main issue was that both these positions had been open since October 2020 and was standing in the way of the departments functioning to full capacity especially since they are a relatively new Biotech start-up. Montis was also being bombarded with too many irrelevant CV’s. What they like about Panda’s services is that we are precise with every CV we send. They like the honest interaction between both parties and the efficiency and speed in which we deliver candidates and handle the whole process.

Panda's Approach

Panda was referred to by the office manager of the VC that funded them. The CEO was promised efficiency and targeted CVs by Panda. Panda's approach was to hear first what the other recruitment agencies did wrong, why they weren't delivering the right profiles and what was it that Montis wanted. Once we had this information, the recruiter made sure not to make the same mistakes and targeted the exact type of scientist they were looking for. The recruiter pre-scanned about 100 scientists before presenting them to Montis. Panda aimed to present these profiles to Montis within 5 working days because so much time was lost already with the previous recruiter.


It was exactly that. The recruiter sent CVs to get interviews. Meaning the CV will be exactly what they asked of Panda in the Job Qualification meeting. If a candidate is not offered an interview, the recruiter immediately made sure to know why so they do not continue sending such profiles.

The main results

2 Placements of Key Members for Montis Biosciences growing team.

Further cooperation

Montis is a growing Biotech company. Currently, there are no Scientist Vacancies to fill however they would not hesitate to engage with Panda in the future hiring round.

''The recruiter at Panda has been a dynamic recruitment partner for Montis Biosciences. Panda recently helped us recruit 2 great new members for our team, quickly and efficiently. The recruiter listens to and welcomes feedback and is very honest with their feedback in return. Panda was a pleasure
to work with and I would not hesitate to engage with them again for our future recruitment needs. Thank you Panda, for your help in building our Team!"

- Chief Executive Officer
Montis Biosciences