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Introducing Panda Intelligence: Your Recruitment Partner in the Intricate World of Data and AI in Life Sciences

Case study

Lonza is a multinational company that provides products and services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and specialty ingredient markets. The company was founded in Switzerland in 1897 and has since grown into a global leader in the life sciences industry.

Number of months


The main challenge Lonza faced was finding people in the surrounding area at a fast pace. The candidates also needed to meet a very specific criteria of skills and competencies that few agencies could deliver on. Panda stepped in and delivered 33 outstanding candidates within the desired timeframe for the project. 

Panda's Approach

Lonza's Hiring Manager wanted to rehire an exceptional consultant, who refused to go via any other agency than Panda because of how highly we value candidate relationships and collaboration. After the recruiter spoke with Lonza's hiring manager, it was clear that Pandas core values aligned with their business goals. 


Panda aims to get the best quality candidates into Lonza’s team, by working in a collaborative manner - rather than as a service. Panda bases this on our wealth of experience working in partnerships with our clients. In doing so, Panda successfully placed 33 candidates in the business within weeks of each request - enabling them to reach project goals. This is something they had not experienced in a recruitment collaboration before and is a reason why we continue to work so closely together. 

The main results

Panda enabled Lonza to achieve their project goals by placing 15 QA, QC, CQV & CSV specialists within a 12 month period. The consultants delivered highly skilled experts who have proven track records of over-achieving on targets; completing projects according to set timelines, and simultaneously improving processes.

Further cooperation

Panda has started multiple collaborations with different managers and teams. Panda continues to have a successful track record of delivering highly skilled professionals that match Lonza’s needs. 

"The recruiter at Panda is extremely proactive and delivers on whatever Lonza asks for. All the profiles I received for the open positions fit very well. Besides that, the recruiter is fast. Lonza received profiles within 48 hours and in some cases, we had a candidate selected in that timeframe.

Other recruiters throw everything at you and try to push and sell candidates, which can be very annoying. The recruiter at Panda delivers very high quality and describes the candidates to me exactly as they seem to be, which makes me trust the recruiter's judgment a lot. This is beneficial in our Industry where timelines for projects are time-sensitive. I know exactly what to expect – high quality. The Profiles the recruiter sends always look professional.

Besides this, Panda is the only agency I work with that is located in the Netherlands. Panda's mission to attract more people locally is beneficial for Lonza. Panda has a huge network and is very good at maintaining relationships with candidates. What works very well is that the candidates the recruiter delivers sometimes already worked together in the past – great added value if you’re building up a team.

I was already working with other agencies so some interviews were already planned – next time I am sure to contact Merel first and work roles exclusively. I already recommended Panda to a lot of managers within Lonza, with success."

- Head QA
Lonza Netherlands