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Johnson & Johnson

Case study

Johnson & Johnson is a multinational market leader in the Biopharma sector. They are one of the frontrunners for a Covid-19 vaccine and have been working on many top priority projects; they released their vaccine in Q1 2021.

J&J’s commitment to helping end the Pandemic while maintaining its existing projects as a Biopharma market leader meant they had a high demand for additional staff to support these activities.

Number of months


The biggest challenge for Randstad was finding suitable top quality candidates within the highly sensitive project deadlines that J&J had because of the pandemic. Panda helped overcome these challenges by recognizing J&J’s organisational needs while developing a relationship where the team of recruiters clearly understood what each department required. This ornoing, the recruiters at Panda delivered profiles quickly and efficiently to get the right people in place to support their requirements.

Panda's Approach

When beginning the collaboration with J&J, Panda’s recruiters maintained consistent communication with the contact person at Randstad. The purpose of this is to make sure the recruiters have a precise understanding of the story behind each position, the department's cultural fit, and the future vision J&J has. Once this was established, Panda created a team of recruiters that were experts in each area J&J was recruiting for. The team of recruiters then stayed in communication with Randstad regularly to stay on top of any developments or changes to the project. The recruiters began mapping out potential candidates that met J&J’s standards as a market leader in the Bio-pharma sector. Each recruiter engaged with the top-quality candidates to get a deeper understanding of their capabilities and backgrounds. The team found the right candidates that suited each role and the company - quickly, which contributed to J&J’s achieving its project goals.


Within 48 hours, the recruiters provided several profiles and scheduled interviews with prospective candidates. Within the week, Panda had filled both vacancies and had feedback that it was the best recruitment service the hiring manager had ever received because of the pace of delivery and quality of candidates.

The main results

Panda International has placed 23 Quality, R&D, RA and Engineering specialists within 12 months. We have since become one of the top 5 suppliers. The consultants at Panda delivered highly skilled experts who have proven track records of over-achieving on targets; completing projects according to set timelines, and simultaneously improving processes that will save time, and money and ensure J&J brings superior products to market.

Further cooperation

Absolutely. This is one of the closest collaborations that Panda has and we believe it will continue to flourish because of the transparent communication, managing of expectations and the quality of candidates we have delivered.

"I have been a talent consultant at J&J since September 2020, so around 9 months now.

I didn’t have any reservations before working with Panda! I was taking over the J&J account from another Senior MSP Consultant who already spoke highly of Panda and its recruiters.

The communication was very transparent. In the end we have the same goals in mind, and it’s of high importance that the collaboration with suppliers is smooth, mutual and effective. Panda is really thinking ‘with’ us, which is highly valuable for us – taking into consideration that the timelines are short, and the workload can be huge. The quality of the candidates of Panda is very high and therefore they are amongst the top suppliers.

I believe that Panda is doing an amazing job, with a lot of placements, especially in this hectic year where we’ve gone through a massive and rapid growth with a lot of challenges.

I would absolutely recommend Panda!"

- Human Resource Advisor
Johnson & Johnson