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Case study

CellCarta is a cutting-edge biotechnology company that specializes in developing innovative solutions for the study and manipulation of cells. With a strong focus on technology and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field, CellCarta has become a leader in the industry.


Caprion was acquired by CellCarta which came with significant growth for the company. CellCarta needed to make a team of at least 5 Principal Scientists with proficiency in HUMAN immunology and Flow Cytometry but weren’t receiving enough good CVs from other recruitment agencies. CellCarta required scientists that were true experts and who were willing to move to Gosselies, Belgium. Because they are a CRO servicing Biotech and Pharma companies they must have enough manpower to deliver their services to these clients.

Panda's Approach

The recruiter at Panda’s approach was to sit down with the Associate Scientific Director and the General Manager to fully understand what “an expert” is in their eyes. The recruiter wanted to understand flow cytometry, how it is used and how many colours they wanted their scientist to have experience with. Once the recruiter had this information they targeted ALL the scientists they could with this profile in Gosselies. The recruiter pre-scanned 100’s of scientists before presenting them to CellCarta. The recruiter also made sure to talk to the hiring manager after every CV they sent out to make sure this is what CellCarta was looking for and to know immediately what they don't want from the profiles. This way the recruiter not only created a comfortable relationship with the hiring manager but also understood CellCarta's needs better.


The recruiter only provided candidates that are experts in Flow Cytometry, have knowledge and experience with Human samples and that either live or are willing to move to Gosselies. The recruiter also aimed to target profiles that speak French since they are located in the French-speaking region of Belgium.

The main results

The recruiter at Panda has placed 6 scientist in 9 months.

Further cooperation

Panda is definitely continuing our collaboration with CellCarta. They are comfortable enough to send the recruiter new vacancies to work with knowing we will put our commitment in 5th gear for them to deliver fast results for them.

CellCarta has been very pleased with Panda’s support in building our Scientific Team in Gosselies. The recruiter at Panda was instrumental in identifying top talent and attracting them to our company. 

Many thanks to Panda and we are looking forward to more interaction.”

General Manager