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Introducing Panda Intelligence: Your Recruitment Partner in the Intricate World of Data and AI in Life Sciences

Case study

Amgen, a trailblazer in biotechnology for over 40 years, specialises in discovering, developing, manufacturing and delivering innovative medicines for serious diseases.



Amgen is one of the world's largest independent Biotechnology companies, specializing in innovative Biotechnology products for oncology, kidney diseases, haematology, bone diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Their service level is 99%, one of the highest in the market, and they are in the top 3 of the best workplaces in the Netherlands. Work-life balance and equal opportunities are key drivers for Amgen, and Panda actively looks for top-notch candidates that have a quality mindset and will bring the company to a higher level.

Panda's Approach

The recruitment consultants at Panda are in constant contact with our partners at Amgen, we have weekly calls and speak to every manager for a new job. The better we understand the position and the manager, the better the fit of the candidate we deliver. Amgen is a vibrant organisation; therefore, it is important we not only grasp the position, but also the soft skills the manager seeks. We have appointed 2 key account managers for Amgen and one backup, to ensure there is always an Amgen expert for all consultants to go to.


Recruitment consultants at Panda specialize in a variety of areas, from production and customer service to supply chain and high-end engineering. Fast delivery is key at Amgen, with a shortlist of candidates within 48 hours. They collaborate with the best candidates in the market and specialize in candidate and process control, staying connected with the candidate and updating stakeholders.

The main results

Panda International has placed 25 QA, Supply Chain, Engineering, Compliance, Project Manager and Customer Service Professionals at Amgen, becoming a top supplier and motivating passive candidates to change jobs and relocate for Amgen.

Further cooperation

2022 has been a fantastic year collaborating with Amgen and we are looking forward to keeping this momentum going into the future.

''I have been working at Amgen for 3 years now and I did not have any reservations about working with Panda International because of its quality of service. The main benefits Amgen has experienced working with Panda are, high quality candidates with the right background for Amgen's positions. The recruitment consultants are also thinking along with us in terms of processes, market insights and what would be best for our long-term goals. We feel like they understand our industry as well as our requirements extremely well. After our ongoing collaboration, I would definitely recommend working with Panda."

- Recruitment Coordinator