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The only certainty in the Pharmaceutical sector is change. Organisations in this field discover, develop, produce and market medications that will vaccinate, cure or relieve the evolving symptoms of the world’s patients. 

Between laboratory and quality control, clinical and regulatory affairs, R&D, quality assurance, validation, engineering, production, operations, management, corporate services and administration, the range of skills and knowledge required to run a pharmaceutical organisation successfully is extensive. 

Our specialisations

  • Environment, Health and Safety

  • Biometrics

  • Clinical Operations

  • Drug safety/ Pharmacovigilance (PV)

  • Engineering

  • Management to C-level

  • Medical Affairs

  • Operational and commercial

  • Production/ Manufacturing

  • Quality Assurance/ Compliance

  • Regulatory Affairs

  • Research and Development (R&D)

  • Supply Chain

What we do

Organisations need highly specialised personnel, partners and team members with specific knowledge and expertise that will enable innovative medical solutions to be developed and sold. 

At Panda International, we understand that sourcing these professionals is a challenge for even the most successful pharmaceutical organisations. Thanks to our extensive network of pharmaceutical professionals, we’re able to quickly fill even the most challenging permanent and interim vacancies, allowing you to focus on doing what you do best - making the world a healthier and happier place.


Don’t just take our word for it

  • R&D Director
    R&D Director

    ​Twenty years ago, I started at BAAT Medical and for twelve years I’m the R&D Director. Initially, we were a bit reserved if we even wanted to reach out to external parties. We tried to find the QA/RA Ma...

  • Sourcing Expert
    Sourcing Expert

    Randstad Sourceright works at Philips with different levels of suppliers. Panda International has moved up to Gold supplier within 1.5 years, which is one level below the highest level.When I see internally ...

    April 2020​
  • RA manager
    RA manager

    ​​I have worked as an RA Manager at Magforce for 3 years. I have spoken with a lot of headhunters but at the end of the day its about personality and trust. I was looking for a good partner and needed someon...

  • Associate Director
    Associate Director

    ​The reason why I decided to go with Panda International in the end, over the other agencies, is that I got the feeling that Panda International was much more specialised on the Medical Devices market than t...

    April 2020​​
  • Operations Manager A.I.
    Operations Manager A.I.

    ​Working with Panda is reliable, professional and they are very strong in terms of content. The candidate who Panda quickly sentturned out to be perfect. Panda really excelled in speed.They immediately manag...

    April 2020​
  • A.L.P.H.A Initiative Lead
    A.L.P.H.A Initiative Lead

    ​Generally a very good relationship. Very prompt replies, and high-quality collaboration. We made 2 hires via Panda.One was a Regulatory Affairs Manager in Uganda with whom we are still working and is really...

    April 2020​
  • HR Manager
    HR Manager

    ​In October 2019 we got in contact with Panda international as we were looking for a QA Specialist. We were then introduced to our dedicated Principal Recruitment Consultant. We did work with other agencies ...

    April 2020​​
  • Chief Development Officer
    Chief Development Officer

    ​Within the biopharmaceutical contract industry, you need to act fast.Bioceros had to fill 2 positions, and Panda was able to deliver a shortlist of good candidates fast.The interactions with the Panda consu...

    April 2020​
  • QA / RA Manager
    QA / RA Manager

    ​Our HR initially set up the relationship after we had difficulty filling a Quality Engineer position in my team. The relationship with Panda International was excellent from the beginning.What I like most a...

    March 2020​

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