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Using the latest healthcare technology, Biotechnology professionals solve world problems, including disease, climate change, food security, and sustainable energy.


Arguably one of the broadest of all of the Life Sciences, Biotechnology is made up of:

Medical Biotechnology.
Development of new medicines, antibiotics and vaccines.
Agricultural Biotechnology.
Cross-breeding of plants and animals to enhance the most desirable characteristics.
Industrial Biotechnology.
Creation of new materials and methods, such as strength fibres, biofuels and developments for the food, beverage and personal care industries.

What we do

While automation and robotisation have played a part in the evolution of Biotechnology, every new development still demands a team of talented professionals to see it through.

The experts at Panda understand that today’s organisations need highly specialised personnel, partners and team members with specific knowledge and expertise that will enable innovative biotech products and processes to be developed.

Our extensive network of Biotechnology professionals spanning Europe and beyond, means we’re able to place the best permanent and interim candidates in those positions that you find hardest to fill.