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Biotechnology and its role in the modern world

Biotech is a blend of natural and engineering sciences with innovative applications that are revolutionising various industries — from healthcare and manufacturing to agriculture and environmental conservation.

Innovation in this field is solving real-world problems such as disease, food insecurity, and global warming by providing medical and technological breakthroughs. It's also creating many biotech job opportunities.

Growing biotechnology fields

Biotechnology harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes to produce innovative new processes, products and technologies. This is creating exciting biotech roles in the following fields.

This biotech sector has many real-world applications in healthcare and agriculture, such as gene therapies and producing more resilient crops.

Medical biotechnology uses DNA sequencing to understand diseases and genetic markers and deliver new medicines and tailored healthcare.

This biotech sector helps decode the genetic information needed to create proteins in the lab - including therapeutic proteins like insulin and antibodies.

This biotechnology sector is revolutionising medical research by using computer science and mathematics to analyse and interpret complex medical data.

Vital biotechnology disciplines

There are various disciplines across Biotechnology – such as molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, and industrial biotech – driving biotechnology employment. You only have to look at the biotech companies in the Netherlands to see how the industry is growing.

The study of molecular mechanisms and processes is leading to a better understanding of living organisms and cells.

DNA sequencing and the study of genetics are producing incredible medical breakthroughs and more sustainable agricultural practices.

Biochemistry combines biology and chemistry to understand the vital chemical processes within living organisms.

Industrial biotechnology is driving the production of revolutionary new enzymes, biofuels and pharmaceuticals.

The latest biotech trends and innovations

Breakthroughs in DNA and next-generation sequencing are revolutionising personalised medicine. AI is also speeding up research and accelerating growth and discovery in all areas of biotechnology.

This revolution in biotechnology allows scientists to make DNA alterations with incredible precision.

This innovative area of biotechnology is making personalised medicine a reality.

Bioinformatics and AI make the accurate analysis of vast amounts of biotech data possible.

Biotechnology Jobs and Careers

Many biotech companies in the Netherlands and beyond are desperate for research scientists, biotechnologists, bioengineers, bioinformaticians, and quality control specialists. And there is a vast talent pool with relevant qualifications or transferable skills.