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Using a Life Sciences Recruitment Agency to Find a Role

03 February 2021

By Jay Freeman

Using a Life Sciences Recruitment Agency to Find a Role

You’re ready for the next step in your life sciences career, which means you’re ready to scour the job boards and spend hours, days, and weeks sifting through vacancies and filling out applications. 

Sound enticing?

Finding your next life sciences role doesn’t have to be a painful process of job boards, email alerts, and unanswered application forms. Especially not when you partner with a life sciences recruitment agency to help find a role. 

Recap: what is a life sciences recruitment agency?

A life sciences recruitment agency works with life sciences companies to advertise vacancies, sift applications, screen candidates, and arrange interviews. 

A range of life sciences recruitment companies also work closely with life sciences candidates, enhancing their careers and connecting them with the industry’s best vacancies. 

Why use a life sciences recruitment agency to find a role

Partnering with a life sciences recruitment agency in your job search has many benefits over finding a role yourself or using a generalist recruitment consultancy. 

However, if we had to narrow this list down to six core benefits, they’d be:

1. Specialist life sciences knowledge

Life sciences recruitment agencies have educational and practical experience in the life sciences industry, giving them specialist knowledge about your skills, expertise, and career aspirations. 

This means they can market you in the best possible way to potential employers - whether they’re actively recruiting or just thinking about it. 

2. Exclusive vacancies and opportunities

Life sciences recruitment consultants work remarkably close with businesses on their pipelining strategies, meaning they have the inside knowledge on world-class vacancies.

By partnering with a specialist agency in the industry, you can beat your competition by being first in line to hear about and apply for new vacancies at leading life sciences companies. 

3. Three-dimensional marketing

Applying for jobs is a marketing exercise - advertising all you offer through a 2D CV or application form.

A life sciences company can bring life to your application by selling your skills and potential to clients verbally before you get a chance to at an interview. Even better, life sciences recruitment consultants have spent years developing trustworthy, credible, and long-lasting relationships with their clients - giving their recommendation more clout. 

4. Career, CV and interview advice

Speaking of CVs, a specialist life sciences recruiter gives you career, CV and interview advice that genuinely makes a difference to your job search success.

They know the right skills to emphasise, the perfect competencies to showcase, and the best jobs to fulfil your career aspirations. 

5. Salary and benefit negotiations

If salary and benefit negotiations have you worried, a life sciences recruiter can help.

Not only do they know precisely the salary and benefits your skills and experience deserve, but they’ll also negotiate on your behalf. 

6. Career-long support

A life sciences recruiter is for life, not just for one vacancy. 

At Panda International, we get to know you, including what’s next for your career and what’s further down the line. 

This means we keep you connected with the best vacancies to support your career, whether you’re actively job searching or not even thinking about it. 

If you’d like to discover how Panda International can fuel your career, get in touch with our specialist industry consultants today. 

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