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Using a Life Sciences Recruitment Agency to Attract Candidates

25 January 2021

By Jay Freeman

Using a Life Sciences Recruitment Agency to Attract Candidates

Whether you’re recruiting for an entry-level biotech vacancy, mid-management pharmaceutical role, executive MedTech position, or any other life sciences job, you want the absolute best person for the role. 

Accessing the best talent is vital, and specialist Life Sciences recruiters can help you to get there.

Enlisting a dedicated Life Sciences recruitment agency offers a range of benefits, from diverse candidate pools to delivering genuine business impacts. But that’s not all.

How does a life sciences agency differ from a generalist recruitment agency?

First off, a life sciences recruitment agency is a recruitment partner that works exclusively with life sciences companies, to:

  • Promote vacancies to a relevant, and highly targeted audience.

  • Attract life sciences candidates;

  • Shortlist applicants;

  • Arrange interviews; and

  • Place new hires. 

They differ from a generalist recruitment agency because they work solely with life sciences companies and candidates, spanning biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, engineering, and other life sciences disciplines. 

The benefits of using a life sciences recruitment agency to attract candidates

Many generalist recruitment agencies will work with you on attracting and securing candidates for your life sciences positions. 

However, for exceptional results, you need exceptional input. And this is where five key benefits of a specialist life sciences recruitment consultancy come in. 

1. Niche talent pools

Many life sciences sectors face a skills shortage. For example, demand for candidates at a bachelor degree level in Boston has grown 120% in 10 years, while life sciences graduates have only increased by 36%.

Life sciences recruitment agencies work solely with life sciences candidates, which means they have immediate access to a highly relevant and skilled talent pool. This makes it quicker and easier to attract candidates who will deliver genuine business impact. 

Even better, specialist life sciences recruiters know critical information about candidates they place. Information such as how long they plan to stay, what’s next for their career, and their primary motivators. This gives you immediate access to a vast pool of passive candidates, as well as potential referrals, too. 

2. Marketing intelligence

If you’ve advertised a life sciences vacancy and received a dismal response or influx of applications from under-qualified candidates, you know how challenging it can be reaching the right talent. 

Life sciences agencies have the day-to-day experience to know the best advertising channels to reach your vacancies’ ideal candidates. They can begin targeting talent straight away, allowing you to fill business-critical (and non-critical) positions as quickly as possible. 

3. Reduced Time-to-Hire

When you partner with someone who can hit the ground running by advertising vacancies, attracting candidates, and finding the ideal talent quickly, you reduce your expected time-to-hire.

Think about it - you don’t have to waste time explaining your industry, detailing the job requirements, testing advertising channels, or filtering through irrelevant applications. Instead, you receive a shortlist of exceptional talent to interview straight away, meaning your key roles get the best response possible, and you avoid potential bad hires.

4. Benchmarking data

Life sciences recruitment agencies can give you some great insights into your market; insights that give you a competitive edge when attracting talent. 

For example, agencies are likely to know the precise salaries and benefits to offer candidates, based on the position, location and experience - data a generalist recruiter would struggle to provide. 

5. Employer branding

Finally, working with one of the best life sciences agencies in the sector immediately places your business among some of the best life sciences companies. 

A recruitment partnership with a specialist life sciences recruitment agency shows candidates and others that you invest in and care about your future talent, which is excellent employer branding. 

If you’d like to get your 2021 recruitment strategy off to the best start, get in touch to find out how Panda International life sciences recruitment agency can help.

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