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4 Simple Tips for Attracting The Highest Quality Biotech Candidates

18 December 2020

By Jay Freeman

4 Simple Tips for Attracting The Highest Quality Biotech Candidates

Top talent doesn’t come along every day, particularly in biotech. And when the best candidates are available, workplaces don’t tend to choose them – they choose their new workplace.

Biotech organisations therefore need to be proactive in both attracting top-quality candidates and crafting the sort of desirable proposition that will lure them in. Happily, this can be as simple as one, two, three… four.

1. Give your organisation meaning

In order to sell yourself, you must first know yourself. Top talent tends to want meaning in their work, and increasingly purpose is even more important than a paycheque. So ask yourself: what’s yours?

Spend time understanding the ‘why’ behind your company, over and above making money. You want your purpose to be authentic, and to resonate with all of your stakeholders. In biotech, your purpose might revolve around helping humanity, or driving industry innovation. It’s whatever feels right to you. The Golden Circle model is a particularly effective way to find your ‘why’.

2. Use that meaning to craft a snappy EVP

Once you’ve used the Golden Circle to identify the ‘why’ behind what you do, use it as the basis of an employee value proposition (EVP): a statement which defines the rewards and benefits that an employee can expect in return for working well within your organisation.

You should be able to articulate your EVP in a few short sentences. It should be unique, honest and meaningful.

3. Deliver that EVP through a Work For Us page

EVP in hand, use it as the foundation of a Work For Us page on your website. This page should be so much more than a job board that outlines open positions – it should actively sell your workplace, describe and promote your company culture, vision and values, showcase incentives and development/career progression opportunities, and generally give talent a reason to choose you.

Your current employees are a great source of content for this page, as they can give a candidate valuable insight into what working for your organisation is really like.

4. Develop your employer brand on Glassdoor

If you don’t already have a Glassdoor account, you need to set one up right now. Glassdoor has established itself as the number one employer branding tool, and the number one annoyance for those who want to ignore their employer brand.

Ask current employees to give your workplace an *honest* Glassdoor rating. Be sure to reply to each one, addressing any issues that may pop up. If your ratings are consistently bad, you know you have work to do on a structural level.

You don’t choose top biotech talent – top biotech talent chooses you. By following these four steps, you’ll help to make that decision a little easier.

How Panda International can help

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