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Why Should You Work with a Life Sciences Recruiter?

You’re looking for your next (or first) role in the life sciences industry… but where do you start?

With so many options at your fingertips – job boards, LinkedIn, social media, adverts, networking – you might not even consider a life sciences recruiter to be a valuable option.

Few industries have quite as divisive a reputation as recruitment does.

From never getting called back to being contacted for roles that aren’t suitable, there is still a lot of poor practice running rampant in the wider recruitment industry.

However, we believe that working with a life sciences recruiter is your best option for finding your ideal life sciences role.

Here’s why.

Understanding your skills and goals You may have had experiences in the past where you feel as though you aren’t being considered as an individual. Each candidate will have a unique blend of experience, skills, and goals. It can be difficult to assess which opportunities are available to you on your own. The best life sciences recruiters take the time to properly get to know you and your: Educational background Experience Skillset Transferable skills CV Rather than looking at one element of what you can offer to a life sciences organisation, a life sciences recruiter will consider the full scope to be able to place you in a role most suited to your abilities and aspirations. Another benefit of this is that, due to their industry expertise and knowledge, you could be placed into roles or sectors you might not have expected because of transferable skills you may have, or emerging developments in certain fields. In other words, a life sciences recruiter can take a look at everything you have to offer and widen your opportunities within the industry. Industry knowledge From the largest pharmaceutical firms to start-up biotechs, there are a variety of life sciences businesses looking to make the perfect hire. But do you know exactly what they’re looking for, or where the greatest gaps and needs lie in the industry? Life sciences recruiters will often have earlier access to roles, and a firm understanding of the role they’re trying to fill and how it fits into wider industry trends. The demands in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices businesses won’t be the same, so having the ability to be guided by recruiters that are familiar with market trends and changes can prove invaluable. Close working relationships are also essential in life sciences recruitment. Most life sciences recruitment agencies will maintain a strong network of clients, meaning that you can have your CV in front of them before other candidates, all whilst receiving tailored advice to help you stand out. Maintained support Finding the right life sciences role for your needs and goals can be a stressful experience. The last thing you want is to be left wondering where you are in the process or what the next steps are. This is something we’re quite passionate about here at Panda, as we believe that maintaining a hands-on approach throughout your recruitment journey is absolutely essential. By staying connected over email or the phone, you can rest assured that from your initial application all the way up until your first day, you’ll be supported and guided along the way. Recruitment should never be viewed as a fast, one-off relationship. We truly believe that the most effective recruitment agencies forge long-term relationships and stay in touch with candidates. After all, you never know when you might be looking to take the next step to progress in your career! Strong client relationships As mentioned earlier, recruiters have a strong network of both life sciences companies and candidates alike. For those looking for roles in life sciences, this means that they can offer: Detailed information on the role (e.g. salary range, location, clinical research phase if applicable) What you can expect in terms of company culture How your skills and experience fit into the wider organisation or within the team dynamic Rather than only having a relatively minor understanding of the role in isolation, you can benefit from knowing the full scope of the role, as well as how the organisation operates and its culture. After all, the best fit for a job is a combination of skillset, mindset, and cultural fit. Ongoing feedback One of the most frustrating aspects of the hiring process for candidates is undoubtedly the frequent lack of feedback, particularly after the interview process. Whilst you’re likely to receive plenty of support prior to the interview process if you’re working with a recruiter, particularly around how to best showcase your technical skills and experience, you’re still going to want some form of feedback. Usually, feedback would be few and far between when reliant on communication between a candidate and a hiring manager. A life sciences recruiter overcomes this issue entirely – each round of the interview process can be followed by feedback to keep you up-to-date and informed on the next stage. The process is considerably less stressful when there’s such a high level of transparency and expectations are clearly outlined. Life sciences recruitment goes beyond a job When you develop a relationship with a life sciences recruiter, the collaboration goes beyond placing you in a new role. A recruiter will communicate with you along every step of the process and keep you in their network to consider you for future opportunities. With the growing talent and skills shortages facing the industry, there’s always a need for skilled employees, which means there’s always a need for life sciences organisations to put their trust in specialist recruiters to source the best talent. Get in touch If you’re looking for a role in the life sciences industry, Panda can help. We provide all of the support, expertise, and opportunities you’re looking for when taking the next step in your life sciences career. Take a look at ourvacancies or get in touch to find out more.