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How Panda Supports My Passion: Empowering High Achievers in Life Sciences Recruitment

It is an exciting time for Panda! With expected growth and expansion across all sectors and locations in 2024 and the launch of Panda Intelligence a dedicated recruitment partner in AI and data in 2023. But to achieve these impressive growth plans Panda is looking to double its headcount in 2024. They are not just looking for anyone to join the team, they are looking for ambitious and motivated individuals, who want to make an impact in the life sciences sector. The good news is, if you fit the bill the sky is the limit in terms of the benefits and rewards on offer. 

In this blog, we delved into the journeys of three high achievers at Panda, each sharing how the company's supportive culture and benefits structure have been pivotal in aligning their career ambitions with their passions.

Gabriel Berg De Andrade: Blending Competitive Spirit with Professional Growth

Gabriel, Recruitment Consultant at Panda Intelligence exemplifies Panda's innovative and competitive ethos. Transitioning to lead Panda’s sister company focused on Data and AI, Gabriel found Panda's supportive environment instrumental in his professional development while also allowing his passion for football and fitness to flourish. The company's provisions, like an in-house gym and access to a wide range of fitness classes through One Fit, align perfectly with Gabriel's active lifestyle, enabling him to maintain a healthy work-life balance. He also appreciates the 1.5-hour lunch he receives which allows him to take full advantage of the fitness classes during his lunch break, leaving him time to also shower and eat before getting back to work.

 Team spirit is crucial both at work and in my hobbies. We’ve started team activities like weekly runs and hiking trips, which translate well into our work environment, fostering camaraderie and teamwork.

 When asked if he sees a synergy between fitness goals and work goals, Gabriel said: 

"Absolutely. Recruitment is inherently competitive, and my sports background stimulates that competitive side. Maintaining a balance in life, staying in shape, and being healthy positively impact my work performance."

Gabriel's story is a testament to Panda's ability to blend the competitive nature of recruitment with the personal goals of its employees, fostering a culture of teamwork and resilience both in and out of the office.

Beata Wydurska: Global Exploration with Panda's Encouragement

Beata Wydurska, a Principal Consultant at Panda, has a real passion for travel and exploration and Panda's unique travel incentives have been a game-changer for her. They have enabled her to weave her love for travel seamlessly into her professional life.

"Panda offers an incentive where, if I meet quarterly objectives, I can travel for a month within that quarter... This means I can potentially travel for four months a year."

Panda's innovative benefits have allowed her to continue to explore without having to sacrifice her career progression. The better she performs at work the more incentives are available. For example, if she reaches her quarterly objectives she gets to travel for one month within the quarter. If Beata exceeds the next level of the objective, Panda will pay for the flights and if she exceeds her targets again they will also pay for her accommodation. 

All of which she has previously achieved so although this is a challenge for her it is attainable.

"I’ve already used this incentive to travel to Portugal and visit my family in Poland and Italy. It’s a great motivation and truly achievable." 

she notes, illustrating the tangible impact of Panda's travel incentives on her life and happiness.Beata's journey at Panda is reflective of the company's understanding and support for its employees' desires to explore and experience the world beyond the office. 

Aimee Brenner: Prioritising Health and Personal Growth

Aimee Brenner's personal development at Panda showcases the company's focus on overall employee wellness and growth. As someone transitioning from a Principal Consultant to a Client Service Manager role, Aimee values Panda's support for her active lifestyle and pursuit of personal development. 

Physical activity is crucial for maintaining a strong mindset, especially in a tough industry like recruitment. I find myself more effective on days when I work out during lunch. It’s also a great bonding activity with colleagues, and we motivate each other to stay fit."

Apart from the in-house gym and One Fit subscription Aimee also values initiatives like the four-day workweek and remote work opportunities, which underscore Panda's commitment to ensuring employees have the flexibility to pursue their passions outside work.

Panda's flexibility is a significant benefit. For instance, I’m South African, and staying in touch with my family is important. Panda allows me to work remotely for a week here and there, so I can spend time with my family back home. This flexibility, coupled with our financial incentives, makes it easier to manage both work commitments and personal interests The four-day workweek is another great perk. It offers incredible flexibility for various personal activities, whether that’s visiting family, handling personal admin, or even participating in sporting events.  Having an extra day to yourself a week is invaluable.

Furthermore, Panda's personal coaching incentive aligns with Aimee's developmental goals, Panda fosters a culture that not only retains top talent but also motivates employees to excel in their roles.

Yes, personal development and coaching are very important to me. Panda offers access to a coaching program as an incentive. If you hit certain targets, you can use this program for personal development. I’ve just started and I’m looking forward to my first session.

Panda’s approach to blending professional success with personal fulfilment sets a new standard in the life sciences recruitment sector. The company's commitment to supporting its team's individual goals and passions not only enhances their quality of life but also drives their professional achievements, positioning Panda as an employer of choice for ambitious individuals in the industry.

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