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What's It Like Working at a Life Sciences Recruitment Agency?

09 February 2021

By Jay Freeman

What's It Like Working at a Life Sciences Recruitment Agency?

Whether you’re an experienced recruitment consultant looking for a new challenge, or a life sciences professional seeking a change in direction, working at a life sciences recruitment agency could be the best decision of your career. 

And we’re here to tell you why. 

What does a life sciences recruitment consultant do?

A life sciences recruitment consultant helps the industry stay innovative, competitive and forward-thinking, by:

As part of this, you’ll be keeping up with the latest industry trends, working with companies on strategic resourcing strategies, marketing employers while showcasing candidates, and connecting the right people to the right companies. 

But you can do this in any recruitment consultancy - what’s so special about working at a life sciences recruitment agency?

The benefits of working at a life sciences recruitment agency

1. Making a genuine impact

The life sciences is a sector where you make a real impact. 

You match talented professionals with opportunities where they can develop new treatments, enhance techniques, and innovate technologies that literally change lives. And you work closely with people and companies who genuinely care about making a difference, too. 

2. Working in a rapidly growing market

The life sciences industry is undergoing a period of rapid growth, especially after the events of 2020. 

Working at a life sciences recruitment agency puts you at the heart of this growing market - helping the industry spend its unprecedented investment into people that will innovate digital technologies and design revolutionary new treatments. 

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3. Having two days that are never the same

From working with a global name on their talent pipelining strategy to networking with life sciences graduates and providing career advice - no two days are ever the same for a life sciences recruitment consultant. 

The industry’s fast-paced nature delivers a varied career that sees you challenged and stretched for ultimate growth and career development. 

4. Using your life sciences skills and knowledge

The lab isn’t for everyone. While you might have a passion for scientific knowledge, you might also have a penchant for interaction, negotiation and networking that you might not get from a life sciences career. 

Whether you’re a recent graduate or seasoned professional, working at a life sciences recruitment agency allows you to use your educational or professional experience in a working environment more suited to your personality. 

5. Gaining a better understanding of the industry

Maybe the lab is for you, but you’re just not sure which lab. Spending the beginning of your life sciences career gives you a comprehensive overview of the sector and the different career paths within. 

For example, you can work with companies spanning life sciences disciplines such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, food, and engineering, before deciding which area to specialise in. 

6. Taking your career global

There are booming life sciences hubs across the world - from Boston to the Benelux. Working at a life sciences recruitment consultancy can take your career global, as you place candidates in vacancies across America, Europe and beyond. 

For example, at Panda International, we recruit for life sciences companies across Europe and America - allowing our consultants to exercise their language skills and passport. 

Working for Panda International

At Panda International, it’s not just a career in life sciences recruitment that makes us the best place to work. It’s a combination of our high performance, vibrant culture and fun people that make working at this life sciences recruitment agency the best move for your career. 

And, with benefits including flexible working, car allowances, gym subscriptions, equity options, breakfast clubs, and commission, it just gets better. 

If you’d like to know more about working for Panda International, head to ourWork For Us' page for more information.

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