What working as a recruiter in Life Sciences at Panda taught me?

Do you want to know about the job of a recruiter in Life Sciences? Or maybe you are wondering how working at Panda is?


At Panda, we thought you might be curious to see the insight of our beloved recruiters – Christian, Gemma and Jordy –  so, we decided to take you behind the scene.

Launching a career in recruitment can be stressful and finding the right company is key to your personal development. You can get lucky with a fresh start in a young and stimulating environment like at Panda, but it can also be not all peaches and roses.

                They are not many companies with a vibe and culture like Panda 

So what is it that you can enjoy on a daily basis at Panda?

You can expect to be surrounded by a young and dynamic team that constantly liked to be challenged.

The growth potential and the overall vibe to celebrate success, whether it’s big or small is perhaps what Jordy loves most!

Every time a recruiter finds a fit for an applicant and client: the gong is hit, the all office drum the tables away before the champion of the day gets his load of congratulation hugs! That is just a small stone thrown in our celebration patterns – Budapest, our last work trip was definitely above and beyond fun and next in line is … Vegas Baby!

What about work?

Teamwork, performing in quality over quantity and long-term thinking are 3 key focus of Panda. We prefer being honest, although it may be to our detriment because we care about having happy clients. We believe it’s just the perfect recipe for success!

Talking about success, what skills can you expect to develop?

A positive mindset, eagerness to learn and perseverance are surely crucial skills for the job.

Other skills that you will develop…

  • Time management
  • Resilience
  • Networking
  • Self-reflection
  • Long-term thinking
  • Asking the right questions
  • Savvy

These are all skills you can expect to develop – and these are just to begin with. The more you invest in Panda; the more Panda will invest back in you.

Remember Jordy mentioning growth potential, right?

What are the essential lessons?

Never make assumptions.
Be opportunistic; it might sound negative but after all – if you are not going to get that opportunity who else will do it for you?
Manage expectations.
Adapt to changes.
Do not stress about things you cannot control.

The list of lessons learned is long and varies per person, but we hope to have given you a short but honest insight of a recruiter’s life at Panda. If you interested in working with us, do not hesitate to get in touch or check our Work For Us page at the link below!

📞+31 (0)20 20 44 502
✉ partner@panda-int.com
🌍 www.panda-int.com

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