Top 5 reasons to choose Panda over other recruitment agencies

These days there is an overload of information and countless staffing agencies for job-seekers. Making decisions and differentiating the companies out there has become complex analytics.

At Panda, we love transparency, honest and direct communication so we’ve decided to make your life easier; we asked Gemma and Christian – some of our recruiters – and Jordy – a team leader – what would be their top reasons to choose Panda over other recruitment agencies.

1. Honesty and collaboration

We want the best for you, our clients and us.

So when it comes to closing the deal, our collaboration with all parties allows us to match the best people with the best people. This means that if we know you want a position with an outlook on becoming a manager within the company later on, and we know our partners are only looking for a short-term candidate; we will be fully transparent with you.

We call it: managing expectations.

2. Strong values

We know what we want and where we are going. In other words, the promises we make, we keep. The jobs you get are concrete job opportunities with no surprises awaiting.

3. Professionality and excellence

Professionalism is something we strive for in all our activities. We strive for excellence, including details.
It starts with the very first contact with job-seekers. We qualify them in a way that they’ll have to tell their story just once and not over and over again.

Besides this, we manage the whole process; from before a placement until long after the placement. We prepare job-seekers for every interview and call for feedback after the interview. After the placement is made, we keep in contact with both parties to be up-to-date about the situation and their performances.

4. No commodity

Candidates are not a commodity in our perspective and we will not treat you as such. You will feel treated as a human being we work together with. We want you to find work you are happy to be doing and meets the requirements important to you. The same goes for our clients, we want them to find ‘the ideal candidate for their job offer’, we won’t settle for anything less.

5. Unique Selling Points

• High Quality Network

defined by long-term collaboration which translates into a great relationship with partnered companies in the Life Sciences.

• Fast Delivery

sometimes our staffing superheroes fill a position as fast as within 24 hours!

• Teamwork

Sales can be a dog-eat-dog world, but at Panda collaboration is key. Every recruiter discusses the positions they need to fill with each other so that the perfect candidate for the position can be found! The same relationship is established between our recruiters and Panda’s managers. The managers support their teams at every stage of the recruitment process and help whenever needed.

‘The first deal I made was because of a lead from Jordy. He created an opportunity and I followed up on that.’ Christian

• Psychometric Testing

This test is beneficial to all parties as it helps to understand a job applicant’s personality and needs. In other words, the way they see themselves and how that translates into the workplace.

From this test, an onboarding report is made to give to organisations so they’ll know how to get the candidate up and running as efficiently and effectively as possible!

Investments in high-tech tools

We’ve recently launched a beautifully designed website with a renewed job portal that provides access to the best job opportunities in the simplest way. All of our recruiters also have access to a LinkedIn recruiter seat which is an investment that gives a competitive advantage to our job-seekers and partnered organisations!

Reference Checks

We make sure we know both sides of the coin so to speak, we want the full story so that we can eliminate any surprises and safeguard our work’s quality.

Trained Recruiters

We believe in life-long-learning and improving our processes. We are very proud to say that our head-hunting skills earned us the title of Number 1 Staffing Award for SMEs in 2017!

Vertical specialists

The life sciences industry is our focus and we have acquired expertise tailored to the industry.


We can’t stress this enough; we want to be the best at what we do and challenge ourselves beyond expectations! We provide the tools to our recruiters and stakeholders to make their experience unique with, for example, our brand new dashboard functionalities on the website.

Beyond Recruitment Services

We don’t want to be just any recruitment company. We go above and beyond by providing Insights on our website, connect you with other professionals in our LinkedIn Group and share exciting news in our newsletter.

We know it’s a tough market out there and choosing the right agency is crucial to make the right steps forward in your career.
At Panda, we try our best to personally guide you in the process. Our partnered organisations and past job-seekers are convinced by our service and have rated our services highly, which you can read all about: here.

Not sure yet about using a recruitment agency in the first place? Last weeks article, ‘The Perks of seeking for a job with a recruitment agency’ should give you clarity and help you see the added-value for you and your job search.

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