The perks of seeking for a job using a recruitment agency

Job hunting isn’t always an easy task; it can be discouraging after weeks of trawling through job boards and adverts, canvassing prospective employers with your CV in the hopes of finding the right fit for you. What if I told you there is an easy way to extend your job possibilities while reducing the efforts you put in?


That’s right… you have guessed it, I am referring to the perks of using a recruitment agency. This article will show you how it can help you make your job hunt less stressful and more successful.

What do they do for you?

It’s very obvious but essentially recruitment agencies do the job-searching for you – instead of you personally having to scroll through dozens of vacancy websites, a recruitment consultant is your personal Google and guide to the job market.
The better they know you, the better the match will be. For example, recruiters at Panda have sometimes convinced hiring managers to interview candidates even after they were initially rejected. How? Because they were able to show and explain to them the added value of the candidate, beyond what was originally written in the CV. So don’t be afraid to invest time into the relationship and help them understand who you are and what you’re looking for!
Throughout the whole process, you will be in touch with your recruiter. He will be liaising between you and the company to ensure both parties are enthusiastic and satisfied. He will set up the interview and provide you with tips to help you prepare. He will later follow up with the company to see how it went, providing you with essential feedback. Of course, the aim is to make sure you wow the hiring managers during your interview.
After your ovation-worthy interview performance, your recruitment consultant will negotiate on your behalf to make sure you get the best deal – after all, they are professionals in the market and know what you’re worth! If your new job is abroad, you can count on them to advise you on anything you need to know. For example, they will tell you about all the necessary regulations and immigration processes you may need to undergo to be able to make your dream job a career reality.
Now that you understand what recruiters can do for you, here’s an overview of the advantages of working with a recruitment agency:

  • Save your time

Very often, job-hunting happens while you’re still employed, meaning you don’t have hours of time at your disposal to look for another job. Like with any other outsourced specialist, the best thing about working with a recruitment agency is that it leaves you with your hands-free to focus on other things whilst still being in the know about the latest career opportunities.

  • Have a personal referrer

When you sign up with recruitment agencies, they will have your CV in their database. It’s important to get a clear understanding of your skills and professional capabilities. Consultants at Panda would also like to know about you as a person and your professional ambitions. The more they know about you, the better they can explain to potential employers why your CV should be on the top of their application pile – especially since they have been collaborating long enough to trust each other’s judgments and advise.


  • Access job offers that are not advertised

Recruitment consultants speak to new and existing clients every day and hear about jobs even before the company has started looking. If your skills and experience match what they’re looking for, the consultant will get in touch to put your profile forward, giving you a head start in the recruitment process.

  • Increase your choice of industries and companies

Of course, you know very well what you’re capable, but during your job search you may limit yourself to the companies and industries you’re familiar with. Recruitment consultants have access to a much wider variety of companies and can tell you in which other industries your particular skills and personality would be a great fit.

  • Professional advice

Consultants at specialist recruitment agencies, like Panda, focus on one specific niche (Life Sciences). They can share the expertise that they’ve built up within these markets with you, as well as their own professional expertise regarding the hiring process. An experienced recruiter has seen all kinds of interview procedures and often knows the hiring secrets of the companies where they have placed before. You can also ask them for advice on what to ask for in terms of salary, benefits and your legal entitlements.
If you’ve gotten all the way to the end of this article, we have no doubt that working with a recruitment agency sounds like the way forward to you. If, however, you’re not 100% convinced or you would like to know more, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to give you a more detailed explanation about what we do and how we can help you turn your job-hunt into a success.
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