Missing motivation? Time to renew your inspiration inventory!

It’s Monday. You are just recovering from last week’s workload and already have to go back to work.
If you live in the Netherlands, most likely, it’s a rainy day and you might be feeling slightly grey.
The point is, you might be missing the motivation to pull yourself out of bed.
Normally, you would just look up to that poster of Newton hung on the wall, maybe re-read a passage of that book from last summer break, or glance at that video on your phone that you keep watching over and over again.
But somehow it seems that lately it doesn’t have the same motivational effect it used to have on you.
Say no more! Maybe it’s a sign that it’s time to renew your inspiration inventory with new people and new inspiring stories.

We’ve made a list of our top influencers on LinkedIn and the Life Sciences industry in particular who write inspiring content for your personal and professional development.

1. Top people to follow on LinkedIn


  • The usual suspects like the American Business magnate Bill Gates are good start with – after all, it’s always good to learn from the top entrepreneurs.

  • Greg Savage – this one is for all the curious ones out there that’d like to learn more about the science behind a good recruiter. Check out his sixty savage seconds videos here to learn all about it in a snap of a finger.

  • Another magnate on our list: the CEO of Tesla and Neuralink, the one and only Elon Musk. His drive to follow his dreams since a young age is an inspiration for our recruiter Christian.


2. Top content to read


  • Thieu Vaessen’s columns in Het Financieel Dagblad

These are particularly interesting to read because Thieu focuses solely on the Life Sciences and has become an expert in the field over the years.

  • ‘Ik wil rust’ by Harriet Griffey.

The literal translation in English comes down to: ‘I want peace of mind’. This book is a manual in which you will learn to guide your emotions and moods to create a mindful and well-balanced life. Our recruiter Gemma finds it particularly inspiring to become aware of what you really need in your personal and professional life.

  • In marginal gains we trust.

The aggregation of Marginal gains by Dave Brailsford is a theory that will teach you how you can reach great successes by improving everything you do with a tiny 1% marginal gain.
The theory proved its efficiency when Brailsford started to coach it to his cyclist team in 2002. It brought England’s cyclists to the forefront of the Tour de France and the Olympic Games!
Slightly tweak your habits by applying the theory to your daily life and watch yourself becoming a champion.

  • The 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey.

This self-help book will help you become more effective in all areas by changing your perception on things. You can watch here a quick video to get an introduction to these 7 habits.
Besides all this, our recruiters also enjoy learning by talking with experienced people in recruitment to see how they do and view things; like with our directors Jay and Daisy for example.
Your inspirations are probably slightly different, but we hope these were worth checking out.
As you’re a life sciences professional yourself, we are certain you have more than one good tip to share with other professionals. After reading this article, take the opportunity to do so on our LinkedIn community and connect with other industry leaders.

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