Meet the Team: Sylvia Rachman

Every member of the Panda International team is recruited for their talent, ambition and potential contribution to our success story. In this blog we will continue to introduce you to the people who work hard every day to ensure our clients and candidates reach their objectives!

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Meet Sylvia Rachman!

Sylvia is our dedicated Operations Manager at Panda International. The impact she has had on the business and the team within the few months she’s been here is second to none. Queen of the back-office, nothing gets past her eye for detail and passion for continuous improvement. We asked her a few questions to get to know her better…

Sylvia, you joined Panda International in May this year, what made you want to work at Panda?

I applied for a job at Panda because of the first impression I got from their company website; it gave me the feeling I could identify with the company culture and their core values. I was attracted to the dynamic, fast-paced environment and after checking out the team page, I liked the idea of working with a young team as well (average age of 30).

Working for a start-up like Panda was exactly what I was looking for; the team is not too big, there are short communication lines and they highly appreciate transparency and proactive initiative. Of course I wanted to find a company where I could develop myself further, but felt that with Panda, I could contribute to its growth. They have ambitious objectives for the future!

What exactly do you do at Panda International? 

As the Operations Manager at Panda, I have a wide variety of tasks, many involving liaising with people on all levels. For example, I review and set up contracts for candidates, clients, suppliers and employees, but I’m also the go-to person for Sales once a placement is confirmed. Further, I manage the accounting and work closely with the Managing Partners to advise them on making our business processes more efficient. I also work together with Marketing to investigate new market opportunities.

What kind of challenges do you face on a day-to-day basis and how do you overcome them?

Being a mom of 2 daughters, I deal with challenges every day. Combining this with a part-time study and full-time job in a fast-paced environment means that challenges are integrated in your daily routine. On the other hand, this enables me to handle difficult situations easily and always find solutions. A positive mindset can get you surprisingly far!

How does your background of operations and recruitment support you in your current job? 

The experience I’ve gained so far has given me a thorough understanding of the industry that Panda operates in. I know what happens on both sides of the spectrum and can easily link business processes with the effect they have on the organization as a whole. Working in operations in the hospitality industry for the last 5 years means being able to make decisions on short notice, shift quickly and work under high pressure if required. Additionally, my experience with handling the business administration of over 10 B.V.’s will contribute to Panda’s long-term expansion objectives.

How do you find working here?

Working at Panda is great if you’re familiar with the phrase “work hard, play hard”. It’s good to see that everyone in the team has the same level of ambition, are result-driven and will do whatever it takes to be successful. Also outside work the team is very social and colleagues mutually organizes after work drinks almost every week.

If you had to share something interesting about yourself, what would that be?

I’ve been practicing Krav Maga for 2 years and absolutely love it. Also, people do not often disagree with me. I’m not sure if there’s a correlation between the two…. (That was a joke!)

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The great thing about where I am now is that as the company grows, so will my position. I’d love to move into a leadership role where I can focus more on the strategic side of Operations, while guiding my own team to success. Other than that, my main priority for now is ensuring that my family is healthy and happy. As I start to achieve those goals, I’ll look at setting new ones. That’s the point in goals – after you realize them, you make new ones! That’s what keeps life exciting.

How can people get in touch with you?

via LinkedIn
via email:
or via telephone: +31 (0)20 2044502

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