Meet The Team: Jordy de Vries

We continue to introduce our Panda team members to give you a glimpse into our company culture and every individual who makes us who we are.

Meet Jordy de Vries!


We had a chat with our Senior Recruitment Consultant Jordy about how his work day looks like, what challenges the job brings and what he likes about recruitment the most.

Tell us a bit more about your background before you joined Panda.
Before starting at Panda International, I worked as a recruiter for a period of two years within IT recruitment (freelance / contract recruitment). Before starting my career at my previous employer, I worked as a professional DJ for a couple of years.

What attracted you the most to join Panda?
The vision of Daisy and Jay (the Founders of Panda International)! It is inspiring how passionate they are in doing business and motivating me and everyone around to bring out the best in ourselves every day. They do not only say they focus on quality, but they actually carry this out in everything they do. This reflects on every part of the business; externally and internally. When we are placing candidates at a client, we make sure we are providing excellent service and guide our clients and candidates every step of the way. Apart from that, we are critical in who we hire for the business internally. Everyone who works at Panda International believes that quality is our top priority and we go over and above in what we do daily. Collaborating with colleagues, clients and candidates is what we stand for and this is what makes Panda International unique. The way Panda invests in its employees is truly exceptional. State of the art training, a smashing new office, smart tools for finding the right candidates, drinks and don’t forget the amazing incentives like lunch clubs and exclusive trips.

How is Panda International different form other recruitment companies? 
I was surprised about the fact that even though we’re a relatively small recruitment company, we can make a huge difference within the big players of the life sciences industry. The candidates we bring into our clients’ business make a lasting impact. They are determined in making a groundbreaking difference in taking the business to the next level. It is extremely satisfying being able to contribute to that transition and the success of the client in that way.

What do you like the most about your job?
Placements! No matter how much effort and struggles it takes sometimes to manage the expectations of candidates and clients, when I launch someone into a new project it gives me the best feeling in the world. Apart from that, the gratitude I receive from clients and candidates is highly rewarding. The relationships I have been able to build and maintain give me a deep sense of fulfilment as well.  

What is the most challenging aspect of your job?
Managing the expectations and guiding both candidates and clients. This means I’m communicating regularly about the whole recruitment process, from introducing a candidate to the contract negotiations. To make sure both parties are satisfied with the process, I need to have a thorough understanding of what both parties want the outcome to be. This means asking the right questions and being aware of your own assumptions. If you have made these clear to yourself, you are better prepared and able to prevent mistakes and miscommunication from happening.

How does a typical day look like for you?
Coffee is always the first thing on my mind! Next, I check what I have planned and what I want to achieve that day. My goal is to speak with 10 to 15 hiring managers daily. I reach out to them to see if I can help them with the challenges they are facing. These business development activities are crucial to my day-to-day business, because it helps me to establish an overview of what candidates my clients might be looking for. I spend about an hour and a half each day doing this. I talk to candidates on a daily basis as well. The ratio of which I’m talking to companies and candidates is about 50/50 I would say. Administration is also an important aspect of my day. During this time, I write job ads, prepare which managers I want to speak, which candidate processes I need to follow up on, and I make sure I have all the necessary documents ready (like contracts, CV’s, etcetera).  

And a typical week?
When I pull a job (this means there’s a new vacancy from the client to fill, red.), it means that all my focus goes to finding about three to five suitable candidates within 24 to 48 hours. This means I’m making some long days, which is part of working in freelance recruitment. The competition is moving as well and might try to fill the same role, so I put in everything I can. It is key to act fast! With this in mind, I’m determined to do everything I can to find the perfect candidate and stay ahead of the competition.

What is the most memorable thing you experienced working as a Recruitment Consultant?
The excitement I felt when I got my first placement! It’s the best feeling in the world. When candidates and clients express their gratitude for the solution to their problem that I delivered, it makes it even more rewarding. Contributing to the clients’ success and helping a candidate find a new project or job that they get excited about, is what makes me extremely passionate. I love my job!

What makes you good at your job?
It’s a cliché, but being myself is important. I am the contact person for my clients and candidates, so I need to be trustworthy and do what I say. This is the only way to build a long-term relationship. I feel highly responsible for my clients and candidates and need to listen to them carefully and ask the right questions. Only when I do this well, I can understand what the client is looking for and what he or she needs. Then I can focus on finding the perfect candidate for them. Besides that, I always apply my own personal touch to everything I do. People do business with people, and not with companies acting on themselves. I make sure that I make a lasting impact and people remember me for the quality I delivered and how I made them feel.

What advice would you give someone who thinks about becoming a Recruitment Consultant at Panda International?
As a recruiter at Panda (and in life in general…), don’t be afraid to make mistakes and to go out there and get things done. Being scared will only hold you back in achieving your full potential. It’s your career, so be in charge!

How can people get in touch with you?

via LinkedIn,
via email: j,
or via telephone: +31 (0)20 2044502

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