Meet The Team: Anete Rozensteina

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Meet Anete Rozensteina!


We thought it would be a great time for us to have a chat with Anete, our Recruitment Sourcer. Not only is she doing a great job here at Panda, but it is also a very exciting time for her as she is getting ready to be a mother for the first time! In this interview she tells us a bit more about herself.

How did you come across Panda International?

Last year I was contacted by Jennifer about an exciting career opportunity and after a great telephone conversation where she told me about Panda and the role, I did some research of my own into the company. After learning more about the company, its values, mission and business, I became even more curious and interested in a career at Panda because it was quite different to what I had been doing before.

How would you describe the team and the atmosphere in the office?

The team in the office is great and so is the atmosphere. Everyone is so different but at the same time everyone works hard and is highly driven. We are here to deliver great results but we also joke around and have fun while doing so. We like to celebrate success, which makes the team and the atmosphere very positive and motivating.

You work as a Recruitment Sourcer; what it is like?

I like to describe my job sometimes as being a detective. It’s like looking for a missing puzzle piece every day and trying to find it as fast as possible. The work is a combination of two things: I must be quicker than the competition whilst being determined in finding the best candidate match for our client. This involves speaking to a lot of candidates about different projects. It is a very challenging job, but at the end of the day, seeing the results and making a difference helping clients and your colleagues is the most rewarding feeling.

Tell us a bit more about your background before Panda.

Originally, I am from Latvia but I call myself a world citizen. I have been living abroad for more than 8 years so I cannot associate myself with only one country. I have lived in 4 different countries and have enjoyed each of them for a different reason.  I graduated IBMS studies in 2014 and have worked as marketing assistant, but my desire to see the world made me move to Chili where I spent 8 amazing months. When I came back to the Netherlands I took a job in Horeca but kept my head up for new opportunities. Then one day I received a call from Jennifer and the rest is history.

What, in your opinion, is your unique feature that makes you good at your job?

I think I am good at what I do because I truly enjoy my job. Getting to know the candidates, what they do and what is important to them gets me excited, especially when I can match them with a great project. I learn and improve myself every day and I believe my personality matches the job well.  I am very patient and understanding when it comes to the candidates, and because of that I can handle even the most difficult situations.

Do you have any rare hobbies or interests?

As an expecting mom, my hobbies right now include sleeping, eating and shopping for new clothing. Besides these “soon to be a mommy duties”, I’m a food lover – trying out new recipes and baking. I’m still very passionate about traveling and discovering new places, but right now I just love making sure that my home is the best place to be.

How can people get in touch with you?

via LinkedIn,
via email:
or via telephone: +31 (0)20 2044502

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