How to prepare for an online interview

The world is changing and technology has accelerated beyond the point most of us ever imagined. With the job market as competitive as ever, recruiters and hiring staff often interview candidates online, especially for international opportunities. It is also easier to accommodate the busy schedules of interviewees and job seekers, which makes online interviews increasingly popular. Here’s our expert advice on how to prepare for an online interview.


  1. Do your research – As with any form of job interview, make sure have done sufficient research on the company, job description and industry. Know yourself and your capabilities and be able to explain how you plan on using them to help the company or department move forward.
  2. Print out your CV – Do a quick scan of your CV beforehand to freshen up your memory and keep a copy in front of you during the interview. It can be a reassuring factor when questioned on it, but be careful not to use it as a shield.
  3. Verify the details – Nobody likes surprises during a job interview so as part of your preparation, verify the date, time, who is calling who and the person you will be speaking to.
  4. Check your equipment – Make sure your camera, microphone and speakers are working, your internet connection is strong and your software has been updated. It is best to have the power supply connected so as to not run out of battery during the interview and if possible, test your equipment with a friend or partner.
  5. Check your environment – If you’re doing the interview from home, set up in a professional, non-distracting backdrop. Preferably without children, animals or anything else that could create background noise.
  6. Practice makes perfect – In addition to checking your equipment, its crucial to do a dry-run of your interview with a friend or partner. Practice your story to gain confidence for the real interview and use the time to check the lighting, sound and backdrop for any last minute adjustments.
  7. Check yourself – make sure you’re ready by doing the following:
  • Dressing appropriately – The top as well as the bottom. Even though you’re in a familiar, comforting environment, dressing the part will help you feel like you’re in a professional setting, keeping your mind as sharp as if you were in the office.
  • Eating something – Your nerves may be playing up, but make sure you eat something small beforehand to give you energy and to lull a grumbling stomach without lulling your mind.
  • Being well-rested – Get enough sleep the night before to avoid a sluggish, over-tired brain. You’ll also feel more positive, look fresher and make a better overall impression on your interviewer(s).


Preparation is the key to acing any job interview, an online interview being no exception. With these tips in mind, you can focus on impressing your interviewer(s) and landing that dream job.

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