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Support in Analytical Analysis

Support in Analytical Analysis

StandorteHeist-Op-Den-Berg, Belgium
Kontakt E-Mailg.dozy@panda-int.com
Job ref21228
Publiziert3 months ago

At the moment I am looking for a QC Lab Technician, we are open to junior fresh out of school, but also more experienced candidates as we have several roles open. 

The position is in Heist op den Berg, Belgium

The initial contract is until end of the year, however extension expected as it’s a long term role.
1. Execute and evaluate analytical tests (on raw materials/semi-finished products
(bulk)/finished products according to pharmacopoeia and Schering procedures and
standards. Perform all tests based on Heist testing quality monographs and in accordance
with SOPs.
2. Sample, test and evaluate water controls of city-water, DI-water, WFI and clean steam.
3. Write the analyses reports.
4. Enter the results of the tests clearly, completely and correctly into the LIMS system.
5. Initiate deviation reports, initiate « Out Of Trend » or « Out Of Spec » investigation as
needed and report the findings.
6. Review test results conducted by someone else.
7. Results that are not within specifications must be reported to the Senior Organon
Analyst/Supervisor immediately
-- Procedures
8. Perform all lab activities according to cGMP guidelines.
9. Read and handle pharmacopoeia and standards
10. Write and update SOP’s


-- Lab equipment and material
11. Perform calibrations of balances and glassware and other small instruments.
12. Daily review of the temperature and humidity registrations of equipment.
13. Propose new or adapted equipment and instruments for the laboratory.
14. Follow-up delivery of Certificates from the suppliers
15. Follow-up the stock of all lab material needed
16. Assure that expired materials are destroyed and inventory list is updated

The tasks of this supporting role are mainly operational tasks following the precise guidelines: complete the tests within the required finishing-periods
The tasks to be performed have limited diversity: routine and experience are used to solve the majority of problems.


- Bachelor degree in science and/or preferably experience of 2 years or more in a similar
Technical skills :
- Knowledge of ANALYTICAL techniques.
- Knowledge of general software applications (Word, Excel, Outlook,…)
- Active/good knowledge of English and Dutch
- Passive knowledge/ notions of French

Shifts : recurring :

day shift

early shift

day shift

late shift

If you are interested in the role, please reach out to me on g.dozy@panda-int.com or +31202044502.