Your Resume has these 3 Must-Haves, Right?

Your Resume has these 3 Must-Haves, Right?                   What To Include On Your Resume Whether you’re putting together a resume for your first or last job, there are several core elements that … Continued

Meet The Team: Jordy de Vries

We continue to introduce our Panda team members to give you a glimpse into our company culture and every individual who makes us who we are. Meet Jordy de Vries!   We had a chat with our Senior Recruitment Consultant Jordy … Continued

How do we learn to live with the Dutch DBA law?

No doubt that the recent DBA law in the Netherlands has caused a lot of buzz not only in the Life Sciences sector, but across the the whole freelance community. Our clients and candidates regularly approach us with the question: … Continued

Meet The Team: Anete Rozensteina

At Panda International we are very proud of our company culture and of every individual who contributes their own unique element to it. In this blog we continue to introduce the members of our team to you!   Meet Anete … Continued

Panda International Finalists in the Staffing Awards

The Staffing Awards are organised annually to find the best staffing agencies for freelancers and independent contractors. As one of the finalists, Panda International will be attending the ‘Dag van de Flexibele Arbeid’ this afternoon.  RECOGNITION FOR OUR PARTNERSHIPS IN THE STAFFING … Continued

Meet the Team: Sylvia Rachman

Every member of the Panda International team is recruited for their talent, ambition and potential contribution to our success story. In this blog we will continue to introduce you to the people who work hard every day to ensure our clients … Continued

Pro CV Tips for Freelancers: Get Your CV Read in 2016

Moving into 2016, we’ve seen an incredible increase in the number of freelancers on the job market, as well as the demand for specialist consultants in the various Life Sciences sectors. Along with this increase, is the rising importance of … Continued

How to Become a Freelancer in The Netherlands

As a recruitment company operating in the European Life Sciences industry, Panda International collaborates with many professionals who are currently or planning on working as a freelancer in The Netherlands. This can be a complicated process, especially for non-Dutch professionals who … Continued