4 apps every freelancer should try to boost productivity

Working as a freelancer gives you the freedom to arrange your work and time. That flexibility is one of the greatest benefits of freelancing, right?
Well in theory yes… but in practice flexibility comes with the need for a clear structure. So, how do you make sure you work in the most productive way, and more importantly – still never miss a thing and always stay on top of your tasks?


Technology can be of great help – that is why we’ve selected 4 apps that we believe each freelancer can use to improve productivity.


No time to organize all your receipts for your accountant? Shoe Boxed offers a quick and easy solution to turn your receipts into data that you can easily store and organize online. Another amazing feature of this app is that it can process and save the details of business cards. All you need to do is just take a photo of the business card and it will process and save all the information automatically.


Personal finances are always important, a platform called Mint helps you to easily create budgets and, even more, it analyses your data and gives you suggestions based on your spending. You can also set reminders and schedule payments.


Remember The Milk

Now, Mint will remind you to pay your bills, but how about all the rest? How are you going to remember when to submit timesheets, or make that one important phone call? That is where Remember The Milk comes into play.

This very simple to use app will not let anything slips pass you. You can schedule reminders and even specify how you would like to receive them –  via email, SMS text, Social media alerts, etc. They can even call you if you want them to!

Get Harvest

So let’s say you just got a reminder to submit your timesheet, why not give Harvest a try.

This app tracks your time in the easiest way possible and turns it into well-structured timesheets that are ready for submission. In addition, you can also easily create and send out invoices online. Definitely a must-try!


Have you tried any of these tools before? Do you have a favorite app that you like to use for your work? Share your thoughts and tips for productivity on our LinkedIn community.

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